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We are happy to help you with technical and creative audiovisual solutions of the highest standard to realize all your events and productions.

Effective. Efficient. Within your deadline – and within your budget.

The impact: maximum experience for the participants and visitors at your live, hybrid or online event.

Thanks to our years of experience, expertise and focus on quality, innovation and service, we are the right partner for your production.

We don’t just say that, we demonstrate it. Professionals who love their job and are willing to go to great lengths to make your production or event a success. We believe and invest in our team so that together we can achieve the desired impact.

Take a tour through our office
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Take a tour through our office

Faber is part of the NEP Group. One of the largest suppliers of outside broadcasting, studio productions and video displays for events around the world. More expertise. And wider geographical coverage. In other words, everything we’re good at. And then even bigger. Find out more about the NEP Group.  

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