Faber University 2023

29 November 2023
We look back on a successful Faber University, our annual knowledge event for business relations. A day full of inspiration, innovation and valuable interactions.
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Various workshops

Faber University aims to reach a wide range of professionals, including project officers, technical producers, event managers and event producers. This year, we organized seven workshops, each focusing on specific aspects of our field, providing participants with practical insights.

In the workshop “Projection Technology,” participants explored the world of projectors, discovering mapping, warping, and holographic projection. Attendees learned how to project onto various screens, surfaces, and even 3D shapes.

“LED Displays” revealed the diversity of LED screens and systems, focusing on razor-sharp video display, transparent applications, and creative possibilities, both indoors and outdoors.

Image left Workshop LED Displays
Image right Workshop Creatieve & Technical Services

Digital Solutions, new workshop

New this year was the workshop “Digital Solutions,” where participants were introduced to essential digital solutions for events. Virtual event platform, remote production and monitoring, event networks, and interactive content solutions were discussed in this workshop.

The workshop “Camera & PPU systems” provided participants with basic camera skills, accessory selection, and multi-camera applications. “Creative & Technical Services” unravelled the process from idea to project, involving 3D visualization, animation, content creation, and technical designs. In the workshop “Media Servers”, we explored various types of media servers, including their capabilities and options. Participants learned how to manage content and program events. Finally, the basics of audio and lighting was enhanced in the “Audio & Lighting Basics” workshop.

Faber University not only provided participants with workshops but also offered a space to share experiences and get to know others. An environment where knowledge was not only gathered, but also shared and enriched through interaction.


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