The technology that is needed to create immersive experiences

11 July 2023
BBC Earth Earth projection project
Case study
BBC Earth Experience tentoonstelling London

BBC Earth Experience

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An immersive experience is the sensation of being fully surrounded by - and actively participating in - an environment that is different from our everyday reality. The creative concept is based on a powerful mix of video projection, light and sound. Our expertise lies in translating this concept into the necessary technology.

Storytelling in other dimensions

Dazzle your visitors and transport them into a three-dimensional experience. In an immersive environment is the impact of your event so much greater. The story is told with so much more poignancy and intensity. Like in the BBC Earth Experience, opened in March 2023, a gripping 360-degree audiovisual journey through the seven continents of the world. Or at the Nxt Museum, the first museum in the Netherlands to focus entirely on media art. But also Moncler The Art of Genius show in London. A groundbreaking event that unites fashion, music, product design, and art.

Creation and technology intertwined from the first idea

Every immersive experience, big or small, begins with an idea. An idea of how the story is going to look. Even in that concept development phase, Faber’s specialists get involved. After all, we have the knowledge, experience and technology in-house to make the transition from creation to technology in all parts of the project. The necessary brainstorming sessions and storyboarding meetings are followed by the phase of turning plans into reality. Our focus is on the technical realization of the digital environment conceived in the concept.


NXT museum UFO exhibition David Attenborough BBC exhibition Wall projection Nxt Museum Amsterdam Projection room in NXT museum UFO exhibition LED panels at BBC Earth exhibition
NXT Museum Amsterdam

UFO Exhibition

BBC Earth Experience

Immersive 360-degree audiovisual experience

Nxt Museum Amsterdam

Shifting Proximities

NXT Museum Amsterdam

Foreign Nature

BBC Earth Experience

Exploring seven continents

Numerous disciplines getting involved

There are numerous facets to that technical realization. It is a process in which various disciplines make their crucial contribution. For example, all kinds of calculations are required to bring the conceived installations into reality properly and with assured safety. In that phase, our 3D CAD designers are therefore very closely involved. As are our video designers and project specialists who must also be involved at an early stage. After all, their knowledge and experience in areas such as object mapping, complex projection techniques, LED technology, programming advanced media servers, immersive audio and infrastructure systems, such as our TFC Flow system, brings the technical realization of concepts tangibly closer.

BBC Earth Experience London
BBC Earth Experience
BBC Earth Experience projectors

The limits of projection technology have been stretched once again

Through the use of 4K resolution, advanced UST lenses, and a unique positioning of projectors, the boundaries of projection technology have once again been pushed.

Step by step cooperation in complex production process

In addition to our technical expertise, we also offer creative services such as 3D visualization and content creation. The same actually also applies to post-production tasks such as post-processing and color correction. Therefore, our input goes far beyond supplying hardware. And of course our specialists speak the language of their partners, including stage designers, art directors, architects and content creators. After all, we want to bring their vision to life. That is a process of taking steps, of designing, drawing, and testing. Our team ensures perfect installation, setup and testing of the system, rendering the design in detail for an immersive experience.

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