Meet Matt Finke: Creative & Managing Director

10 July 2023
Mirja de Vos
"When the creative and technical aspects of media are combined, it creates an enhanced experience that emotionally resonates with the audience."

Since December 2021, loop light and n.o.m.e have become part of Faber. Matt Finke and Matthias Etz have been operationally responsible for both companies since the acquisition. But who are Matt and Matthias, and how have they experienced the past 2 years? We ask Matt Finke.

How did you find your way into the world of audiovisuals?

In 1994, I had my first encounter with a lighting console in a nightclub, and it was there that I discovered a new passion. It was a unique moment where I witnessed how this tool influenced both the people on the dance floor and myself. I was around 20 years old at the time. It gave me the opportunity to experiment with various techniques, learn the technical aspects, and explore the career possibilities that the world of lighting design has to offer. It brought me great happiness.

In 1994, there were no formal training courses available to enter this industry. It mainly consisted of self-taught individuals or people transitioning from related fields. Looking back, I can say that this unconventional path has worked out well for me, and I am still living my dream.

How did you meet Matthias from N.O.M.E.?

I met him during a production. Right away, I felt a shared vision: to leverage technology in the most effective way to enhance both the design and performance of media. When the creative and technical aspects of media are combined, it creates an enhanced experience that emotionally resonates with the audience. Moreover, there is tremendous potential in this collaboration. As a result, our friendship and business partnership have lasted for over 15 years. Five years ago, we decided to formalize our collaboration as business partners, allowing us sufficient time to grow together. This ultimately led to the formation of Team Faber as a unified entity.

In December 2021, Faber acquired Loop Light and N.O.M.E. How have you experienced the past 1.5 years?

Overall, it has been a fantastic experience being part of a larger family. Slowly, we are growing closer and discovering the value of teammates who can lend a helping hand. Our mindset and behavior haven’t really changed much after the merger.

Currently, our focus is on getting to know each other better and leveraging our collective strengths and services. Being part of Faber now provides us with access to new and broader opportunities to enhance our services. We believe that we can bring a fresh perspective to the team in the Netherlands in our own unique way. Without a doubt, we are truly enjoying this experience.

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