BBC Earth Experience

27 December 2022

Four years ago already, the first contact was made with Faber and colleague Jeroen Boere for a new project: the BBC Earth Experience. Commissioned by Mooneye productions (Mojo & Live Nation), a groundbreaking new experience was presented.

“Experience an unforgettable journey through nature and discover the extraordinary diversity of our seven unique continents on the most epic scale. With bespoke narration by David Attenborough, BBC Earth Experience showcases breathtaking images and music from the BBC Studios Natural History Unit television series Seven Worlds, One Planet, projected onto multiple multi-angle screens using state-of-the-art digital screen technology.” The BBC Earth Experience opens in London on March 30, 2023.


Faber facts & figures

  • 11 x Panasonic RQ32 4K
  • 47 x Panasonic RZ21 WUXGA
  • 5 x Panasonic RQ22 4K
  • 54 x Lightware OPTC HDMI RxTx
  • 35 m2 Ruby2.3c (Curveable ruby)
  • 48.5 m2 Ruby 2.3s (non-curveable model)
  • 21.5 m2 Ruby 1.5 mm
  • 10 x Disguise VX4+ media server
  • 13 x Pixera Media Server
  • 2 x 32×32 HDMI Matrix
  • 1 x 48×48 HDMI Matrix
  • 1 x 24×24 DP Matrix
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