Interview with Jelline – Manager Project Support

24 August 2022
Project management employees discussing an av production.

Jelline started working at Faber in December 2016. After her internship at RAI Amsterdam, she started working as Office Assistant/Project Support staff member. She is currently working in the role of Manager Project Support. Not only her duties have changed, but also those of the Project Support department.

“When I started at Faber, the company was much smaller and at the time we were a small team in the old building. Among other things, I answered the phone, arranged matters for projects, such as travel and accommodation, but also driving permits for the drivers. Meanwhile, we have grown so much as a company that the work of several departments has been rearranged. Since this year, Crew Planning and Project Support have been merged into one department. Crew Planning used to be responsible for planning the operational employees. Project Support arranged all the peripheral issues around it, such as organizing travel and accommodation or arranging visas.”

As Manager of Project Support, Jelline distributes all projects among the various employees in the department. “Everyone on the team gets his or her own project. Among other things, he or she makes sure that the planning of the staff is complete, that the crew is pre-registered at the location, that the airline tickets are arranged, that the visas are applied for and that the crew is informed on time through the call sheet. This involves working closely with the Project Managers who do the technical preparation. In this way, the Project Managers and operational crew have a single point of contact for each project.”

“Within Faber, I am really am where I belong.”

“I always enjoy going to work. It’s a fun, ambitious and young team. Most of the colleagues within the team have only been working at Faber for one year. It was therefore a real challenge to organize everything as well as possible when all events suddenly went wild again after corona. We always try to take everyone’s personal wishes into account as much as possible within the possibilities we have. Looking back, that has generally worked out very well so I can only be proud of the team!”

Still, according to Jelline, the work mentality is not just indicative of her department; she believes it actually makes Faber unique. “You hear within the market that Faber is always there; a deal is a deal.”

According to Jelline, the Faber Academy has helped this tremendously. “Last summer we really noticed that the training center paid off. The trainees were able to come along to festivals and other events where we desperately needed their help. And because they were trained by Faber, we also know exactly what knowledge and qualities they have mastered.”

When asked which event Jelline remembers best, she replies, “Haha, that’s always hard to choose. Faber is involved in many events, both large and small. If I had to choose one, it would still be the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. A gigantic project and because of all the corona rules extra challenging for our department. But also last year’s F1 Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort was a great start to the fall. We were able to do that largely with our own staff.”

To a potential new employee, Jelline would say, “If you are looking for a varied position within a fun company in the events sector, I would definitely stop by for a cup of coffee.”

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