Interview with Eddie – Project Leader

12 August 2022

11 years ago, Eddie began his career at Faber. During these years, he has seen the company grow tremendously. At the same time, he grew from junior AV Technician to Project Leader. A relatively new position within the company. “Passion for the job and being curious about the latest technology are important to this profession,” he said.

As Project Leader, he ensures peace of mind for the Project Managers. “On site, I make sure the right people are in the right place and that everyone knows what to do. In addition, I also help with project preparation.”

Still, his first years at Faber were different and his eagerness to learn came in handy. “In the beginning, Faber was not that big, so there was no Repair Centre or Quality Control yet. If we found out on site that something was broken, you had to fix it yourself. You learn an awful lot from this and it makes you very resourceful!”

Still, the company’s growth is one of the reasons Eddie still enjoys working at Faber after 13 years. “I’ve watched the company grow into the great company it is today. Thanks to its size, we do the nicest jobs at home and abroad. The growth also means that we are investing in new and innovative techniques. On location, we now know that everything always works and that nothing is missing.”

“At what other company do you get to build a LED screen with a helicopter?”

From the beginning, Faber felt like a family to Eddie, and that feeling has always remained despite the growth. “When something goes wrong everyone helps each other. On every project, we stand as a team from the beginning to the end.”

Eddie’s colleagues are all different; not two are the same. “You could fill the whole alphabet with the different characters and personalities. Almost everyone has a manual; some the length of a page, others a whole encyclopedia. But that’s exactly what makes it so incredibly fun!”

“The Eurovision Song Contest was prepared down to the smallest details and because of this it was also a really fun project to work on.” The project that Eddie remembers best is one of stature: the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam Ahoy. “This was a unique production in every way. Every day everyone had to be focused, nothing may go wrong during the show.” Eddie was there from beginning to end, some 40 days in total.

“If you like variety, want to broaden yourself or discover what you can do with technology in the event industry, Faber is a good company for you.”

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