Interview with Brandon – Supervisor CNC

25 July 2022

Brandon started freelancing in perimeter systems when he was 17 and is now the supervisor of the CNC department eight years later. Faber really interested him. A growing company that invests in new technology, innovation, but especially its people. This promised a lot of advancement opportunities for him, even more than he expected beforehand.

After completing his degree in Podium and event engineering, he went to work as a warehouse employee. From that position he slowly set up the CNC department. This started with a small CNC milling machine used to mill foam for existing flight cases. Now the CNC department primarily makes packaging materials for various types of equipment. Not only for equipment that Faber rents. The CNC department also makes packaging materials on behalf of other companies. The department even makes set pieces for certain projects.

“The department has grown incredibly fast. First it was just me, then a colleague joined and we got an extra machine. Now the department consists of four employees and for larger jobs we have additional reinforcement. The department was first located in a space of 3 by 5 meters and has now grown to a workshop of 10 by 40 meters.”

“If you have many ambitions yourself, want to see a lot of the world and be part of the big productions, Faber is definitely the company for you!” In his role as Supervisor CNC, Brandon manages the department. “The day always starts with a short meeting so everyone knows what they are going to do today. Then I get to work on designs. Sometimes I can get straight to work, but often we first consult with colleagues or external parties about their requirements.”

Getting all these wishes to come together into one design is the biggest challenge. “Take a flight case, for example; different departments find different points important in the design of the case. Well protected, as small and compact as possible because of logistics or, on the contrary, a clear layout. Finding the golden mean in the design is therefore a big challenge.”

According to Brandon, what makes Faber so unique? “It’s the people who work for Faber. Everyone can be flexible, this is always pleasant. In addition, it is a very pleasant group of people. The atmosphere is good. I have been working together with some colleagues since my first day, which creates a close bond.”

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