Interview with Jeffrey – AV Technician

7 April 2022

Jeffrey Moraal has been involved with technology since a young age. During his studies, he chose to do an internship at Faber. “I was excited to ask for an internship. Such a big company probably does not need me. Once I went for an interview, my expectations turned out to be wrong. Faber may be big, but it’s still a family. From day one, I was well received.”

Jeffrey completed an internship at Faber Academy and then followed the internal learning program. “My internship was almost over and I saw the vacancy Technicians for the future. I was hired immediately during the job interview. After the internal learning program, I studied media servers.”

During the corona period, Faber developed a Virtual Event Studio. Clients rent this studio to host unique online events. Jeffrey is one of the technicians who can operate this studio. “As an operator, I focus on all the systems used within the VES: Vmix, Unreal Engine, Caspar, Wachtout, Disguise.”

“I still find it extraordinary that I haven’t gone to work one day reluctantly.”

When we ask Jeffrey about his colleagues, he says with a laugh, “They are all trade idiots with a very big passion. On the job everyone works hard and focused, but there is always time for socializing. If we are staying in a hotel for a job, we often have dinner together and have a drink afterwards.”

According to Jeffrey, working at Faber is like playing in the Champions League. “It’s hard work, we work for the nicest clients, but we never let it go to our heads. That Frisian common sense is still present.”

The event that Jeffrey remembers best is African Business Heroes. “This was one of the first jobs I ran independently as an Unreal operator. I got the opportunity to take on the position of Showcaller at the last minute. Within this role, I got to lead the entire team through the show. It was intense, but the team gave me their confidence and together we put on a good show.”

When you join Faber you become part of a close-knit team. “You have to be a real team player. If you like a challenge and want to do cool stuff, Faber is the company to work for!”

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