Interview with Sjoukje – AV Assistent

2 March 2022

Sjoukje studied AV technology and then started looking for a job. She did so in Friesland and soon ended up at Faber Audiovisuals.

“After a walk-in day during a festival where Faber was doing camera registration, I knew right away: This is exactly what I want to do!”

With an internal learning path and opportunities for self-study and courses, everyone has the chance to achieve their own goals. “My passion is to switch and do live camera work, but I discovered that I also find working with Unreal Engine very interesting. Faber therefore gives me all the space and opportunities to grow in that.”

“Because our work is our passion, as a team we often go that extra mile. A fun team that does very cool productions together.” Everyone who works for Faber is unique, but together they are #TeamFaber. When we ask Sjoukje to describe her colleagues she says, “They are mostly men, so I would like to see some women join them! But even now it is a nice and pleasant group. The working atmosphere is always good, you can laugh with each other, but also provide someone with feedback. Every day is different.”

Sjoukje, like all the other technicians, is on the road a lot. “When I start my working day, I first stop by our premises for a fully loaded company car. I can then drive straight on to location after a pleasant chat. The location I may then go to varies each time.” Because of the variety in location and activities, Sjoukje continues to find the work challenging.

“The job that has stayed with me the most is Breda Live. Here I got to watch along with one of our best switching technicians and after a while got the chance to do the switching myself for the first time.”

At Faber, you must above all follow your passion, says Sjoukje: “Whatever comes in between, if you’re doing something you love you’ll overcome anything.” But if you don’t think you have that passion yet? “Then you can definitely start developing it here!”

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