Interview with Albert – AV Assistent

2 March 2022

Albert, before joining Faber, worked in retail. “I came across Faber in different places so I visited the website. I saw all kinds of cool things there, including the possibility of an internal learning program.”

“I was looking for a new challenge.”

Albert started at Faber with no experience in event technology. “I have always been involved with computers at home, so I had some feeling with technology. Thanks to the training and courses within the company, I was able to gain the necessary knowledge to get started.”

“Big jobs, trips abroad. I had no idea what the job entailed and where I would end up.”

“We attend so many different events, from soccer to concerts and both national and international. One day I’m at the soccer stadium monitoring LED boarding, the next day I’m at a festival building screens.”

“I can be deployed for all assistant functions from lighting to LED and from sound to projection. Every day I still learn new things and eventually I can advance to full technician. Not only am I learning new skills on a technical level, but also definitely on a social level.”

If Albert had to describe his workday in one word it would be: “Variable. Some days I start early, others I start late in the evening, but we always start together with a cup of coffee.”

Teamwork is an important aspect within Faber: “Every colleague is unique at Faber, but together we are one team. You always work together, and if you can’t figure something out, someone is always there for you. It is certainly hard work and not always pleasant in the pouring rain, but if you know that everyone enjoys coming there and there is room to have fun too, then it suddenly becomes a lot less demanding.”

When we ask Albert which job has stuck with him the most he says, “The job Name That Tune in Ireland. Namely, I was allowed to be the assistant responsible for managing the team and that on such a big production.”

To applicants, Albert would say, “You get to go to so many great places and do such cool jobs, that’s what you want, isn’t it!”

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