2021 Eurovision Song Contest: a boon to Dutch entrepreneurs

1 April 2021

2021 Eurovision Song Contest: a boon to Dutch entrepreneurs in the event industry

Less than two months to go until the event: the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.  The partners selected for the 2020 edition of the event can still offer their services. And that is good news for entrepreneurs in the event industry!

The Frisian company Faber Audiovisuals will therefore provide all LED screens, video projections, media servers, and supporting technicians, amongst others, for the semi-finals on 18 and 20 May and for the grand final on 22 May.

The event industry moves forward, even during the corona pandemic

Following a European tender, Faber Audiovisuals was selected in 2020 as the video partner for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. However due to the pandemic, the event of 2020 had been postponed. Faber remains technical supplier for the 65th edition, taking place in 2021.

CEO Cees Jan Faber is delighted that the event is finally taking place this year in spite of all circumstances: “The corona pandemic leads to adaptation. This time last year has been marked as the beginning of the pandemic. The Song Contest was cancelled at that time. The event industry did not wait out the storm. Its’ main focus: finding solutions. Our client (NOS in collaboration with AVROTROS) has carefully reviewed how the event, one of the largest television productions worldwide, could take place this year. Subjected to all measures required to ensure the safety and health of artists, crew, press, potential audience and public health.”

180 million viewers worldwide

The Netherlands is designated host country since Duncan Laurence won the 2019 edition with his number Arcade. This is one of the worlds’ largest live event with more than 180 million viewers worldwide.

Faber: “In our profession, this is a mega production equaled by a very few worldwide. You can only be successful in this production with so many viewers and so many organizers and participants, by applying the highest quality standards. That’s the aspect where we can offer added value. At this moment for example, our project managers are working on identifying all video preferences of the 40 participating delegations and translating these preferences into practical solutions. We are proud to be the Song Contest partner who provides all LED screens, video projections, media servers and CCTV systems, as well as the technicians who set up, install and maintain. It is a great honor for a company to be allowed to facilitate such a prestigious event like the Eurovision Song Contest. It is an exceptional assignment for which Faber Audiovisuals will proudly contribute its expertise and commitment.”

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