Faber Audiovisuals Launching Amsterdam Production Hub

25 March 2021

Amsterdam Production Hub

The shifts in the current world stage have not gone unnoticed by Faber Audiovisuals. So, we offer great opportunities for our Dutch events sector. Take the Brexit, for example: traditionally, a major European tour often starts in England. Now touring managers are forced to look further abroad. For this reason, Faber Audiovisuals have taken the initiative to launch the Amsterdam Production Hub!

The one stop music mall

Amsterdam Production Hub offers great music acts worldwide the opportunity to start their European tour in the Netherlands with all bases covered. In conjunction with other major partners, such as Pieter Smit, Mojo Rental, Protone, Ampco-Flashlight and AFAS Live we have formed a unit able to handle all touring issues. Consider Amsterdam Production Hub as a shop with top products for any touring discipline on tap.

Get your act together!

The opportunities for Amsterdam Production Hub are great: it is centrally located and easily accessible. Moreover, the partners together have an unparallelled know how. Amsterdam Production Hub is a unique alliance with all the necessary ingredients to produce an indelible tour worldwide.

Click here if you would like to know more about Amsterdam Production Hub. 

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