Hybrid Event Studio at Beurs van Berlage

15 October 2020
Visualization Hybrid Event Studio

Live Events cannot continue in the way they were initially organized. Luckily we are able to achieve the same result with virtual and hybrid alternatives!

Our creative professionals have set up a Hybrid Event Studio in the Beurs van Berlage last week. It creates the possibility for the Beurs van Berlage to keep on going hosting the upcoming events, entirely in line with the new measurements concerning covid. The first production is already a fact: Presenter Art Rooijakkers awarded the anniversary price 2020 in name of The Hersenstichting.

What is a Hybrid Event?

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. A Hybrid event combines a live event with the online world. An event can be transformed into a hybrid event when you make it online accessible.

What is a Hybrid Event Studio?

The Hybrid Event Studio has the same technical features compared to the Virtual Event Studio. However there are two significant differences.

The first difference: the event takes place in the real world and not in augmented reality. As a visitor you will experience the real ambience of the magnificent Beurs van Berlage.

This applies as well for the virtual visitor, who enters the event through the Virtual Venue™. The Virtual Venue is the online reproduction of the Beurs van Berlage. The visitor arrives virtually at the lobby of the Beurs building and is able to navigate from the lobby to the Effectenbeurszaal, through one click.

The second difference is the opportunity to combine the virtual event with a live event. The Hybrid Event Studio has the capacity to invite participants to the actual location. Because of this we are in the future able to combine online with local participants which makes the event truly hybrid.

Safety first

Shapes can be projected on the floor by means of projection technology. By which 1.5m social distance can be secured.


The decor includes a LED backdrop with creative design and all its features. Like the possibility to connect with remote key note speakers and virtual participants. Next to that the presentation slides can be displayed and there is room for interaction like zoom, chat and polls.

The best of both worlds

The combination of a physical event with the virtual world creates an interactive and stimulating environment for all participants. Connect offline with online!

Technology is key for a successful Hybrid Event. Luckily there is no need for you to take lessons in technology, we are happy to take that off your hands! The only thing you have to do: contact the professionals of Faber Audiovisuals!

Creator of Online Experiences

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