Faber Audiovisuals and NEP launch new label: Creative Animal

5 October 2020

Faber, NEP and Univate (all part of NEP Group) have been working intensively on the development and creation of Virtual Live Events and Video Productions for the past few months.

The most innovative and creative productions have been realized by combining creative concepts, visual impact, technological solutions and last but not least: our crew.

These intensive cooperation’s have made it possible to organize successful projects which have exceeded our wildest dreams! Our clients were able to tell their story and reach their audience with our assistance, even in these trying times.

Creative Animal

Behind all the technology that is facilitated by these companies, both in the media industry and beyond, is a common factor: creative people with good ideas who make the difference. They transform the amazing stories of our clients to creative solutions which is brought to life with our technology.

Storytelling, experience, interaction

With that thought in mind, we have decided to merge the creative departments of NEP, Faber and Univate together to the label of ‘Creative Animal’. Our creative professionals are able along that label to expand their talent to the fullest. For this reason we are able to add value to our current services in the corporate sector, services which have expanded enormously these past times.

Creative Animal concentrates on the following elements:

  • Concept en story design
  • Iconic visual experiences
  • Digital and virtual event experiences

Whether it concerns concept creation regarding internal communication, development of a corporate (video) strategy with video mapping or motion graphics, a webinar, or an extensive virtual or hybrid event: Creative Animal facilitates all request with a customized solution which centralizes on storytelling, experience and interaction.

By launching creative animal we are able to translate the challenges and requests of our corporate clients even better to impressive video solutions, from concept to distribution. Hereby is a close collaboration of Creative Animal with the other divisions within NEP, with Faber Audiovisuals and certainly as well with existing production partners.

Appointment Managing Director Creative Animal

In order to further form and market our brand new creative department, Fiona Arens (currently Deputy Director of Omroep MAX) has been appointed Managing Director of Creative Animal. As of December 1st she will start to manage and structure the creative departments of Faber, Univate and NEP and build a strong creative label with all the creative talents united.

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