Turning a good event into a great event, together

9 December 2019

Twice a year Faber Audiovisuals organises the Faber University. Invited guests got to learn about innovations in event technology in an informal setting during this 1-day knowledge event. With the objective of gaining inspiration and sharing knowledge, in order to create better and more beautiful events together.

Inspiration: the keyword of Faber University

In an inspiring setting, a varied programme with attention to both theory and practice awaited the attendees. With information about the origins of Faber Audiovisuals. Followed by an explanation with appealing case studies in the areas in which the company is active: Business, Trade Fairs, Broadcast Media, Sports and Live Events. Accompanied by solutions offered by Faber Audiovisuals in the areas of technology, advice, support and innovations.

Topics that were covered:

  • Display with information about Led and projection.
  • Play-out and Digital Services involving video, audio, data and the importance of connecting systems.
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range)┬áthe importance of pixels, applications and compatibility of content.
  • Content and design in a 3D environment, covering holographic projections and Augmented Reality: how it works, the application possibilities and the differences with Virtual Reality.
  • Broadcast with an explanation of Portable Production Units (PPU). Including instructions on cameras, lenses, camera direction and viewpoints.
  • Venue VR: a pre-visualisation tool and content workflow developed by Faber.
  • A glimpse of the future: what does innovation in the audiovisual field mean? What are the expectations around augmented reality, holographic projections and interactive content?

The morning programme ended with an extensive tour of the various business units followed by a tasty lunch.

The afternoon program: exploring, experiencing and experimenting

The afternoon was all about experimenting, experiencing and exchanging ideas about application possibilities. Attendees were able to experience the benefits of the pre-visualization tool Venue VR, used for an event in the SugarCity. With special glasses the participants saw the location in 3D. Exactly as the clients could see it in the design and planning phase of the event. It is intended to get important information in advance about, among other things, camera angles and lighting. This is a key factor in ensuring the success of an event. Workshops were devoted to further explanation of how hologram projections work. Attendees had the opportunity to experiment and see themselves transform into a hologram on a screen. They could also operate a camera themselves and ask specialists about the functioning of a PPU. Afterwards, the participants received the Faber University Certificate as a keepsake of this inspiring day.

Collaboration and co-creation as key ingredients for success

Audiovisual techniques are becoming increasingly important in live events. The deployment of the right tools is crucial for success. To achieve this, Faber Audiovisuals believes in the power of collaboration and co-creation. Both with clients, partners and suppliers, as well as with trainees and students with a passion for image and sound. This is how Faber University came about with the dedication of enthusiastic employees and trainees. People with know-how, experience and passion for the profession that they enjoy sharing, with the aim of turning a good event into a great event.

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