HoloPortal, the innovation now even more advanced

24 September 2019
HoloPortal Faber

Last week team Faber fine-tuned the setup of the HoloPortal. During the two-day test, different canvases were experimented in order to obtain the best results. Despite the fact that the HoloPortal made its debut very recently, it has already been sold several times and is being used for various corporate clients.

With the HoloPortal, virtual people can give a full-scale presentation on a stage or in a hall. Both pre-recorded videos and a live stream from another location can be used for live interaction.  This means that contact can be established anywhere in the world via the HoloPortal, without actually being present during an event.

What already gave a captivating picture, is now even more refined, which makes the innovation look modern and stylish. This makes the HoloPortal a charming solution to serious problems; availability, accessibility and distance no longer have to be a problem for an attractive presentation. A speaker is shown in real size and can therefore also be presented next to an actual speaker. Interaction with the audience is possible by aiming a camera at the audience.

The improvements of the HoloPortal will not be the last. Faber wants to continue working on the quality of the already successful setup.

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