Faber Audiovisuals B.V. Acquisition of Univate B.V.

14 June 2018

Faber Audiovisuals have successfully acquired Univate, a Dutch company located in Hoofddorp. Consequently, Faber now have immediate access to Univate’s designers and developers of  interactive content, as well as to its technological implementation. Such expertises perfectly complement Faber’s current palette of services and facilities, enabling the company to better serve their customer base and business relations.

Cees Jan Faber, CEO of Faber: “Market demand for the delivery of creative, interactive content and innovative technological solutions is becoming ever more pressing. Together with Univate, we are now able to fully meet our customers’ demands, while assisting our patrons in the creation of specific content such as virtual reality and augmented reality applications.”

Two years ago, the prospective acquisition came on the horizon, due to a successful joint venture for the kick-off of the winter broadcasting season of a television channel. Cees Jan: “We were looking for a party able to create and develop interactive content. We very much appreciated the joint venture with Univate which heralded an entire series of collaborative activities. The fact that Univate maintains high quality standards while continuously engaging in innovation matches with Faber Audiovisuals’ core values.”

Through Faber’s acquisition, Univate has come into the hands of an ambitious and driven new owner, who facilitates international accounts. Jasper Steenkamp, founder of Univate: “Faber’s takeover is quite interesting to us, since it allows us to be fully focussed on innovative software and content while enabling us to expand our operations together with a technologically strong partner. I see this development as a stimulus for new opportunities. We are dealing with images in an ever more creative manner and come up with innovative concepts that have not been previously developed.  Faber’s acquisition gives us the power to turn our vision of the future into reality. Univate will maintain their independence. There will be no changes in the daily business operations.

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