Faber Audiovisuals opens office in Oud Gastel, Brabant

13 October 2017

Faber Audiovisuals has opened a new office in Oud Gastel in Brabant. The new branch is the Friesian company’s third site in the Netherlands and offers the open-plan workplace that suits the company so well.

At the start of this year, NEP Worldwide Group, the American parent company of Faber Audiovisuals, acquired the shares of Avesco Group, which meant CTHolland (a subsidiary of Avesco) was placed under the management of Faber. The search for a new, modern, inspiring workplace in the Breda area resulted in an office in Oud Gastel along the A17.

The building accommodates a total of 26 employees. “But since a large proportion of our employees work mainly in the field, the only time so many people would be on site would probably be for a party.”, says Jeroen Boere of Faber Audiovisuals. To underscore the new union between the companies, the ambience and styling of the new office are in keeping with the contemporary interior of the Sint Annaparochie office. “The layout of the office is such that the short lines that characterise our way of working come into their own optimally. We opted for a large, open-plan workplace instead of separate offices.” In addition, the new site offers two meeting spaces, a canteen and a warehouse, of which part has been converted into two workspaces. This is where projects will be developed and materials programmed, maintained and tested.

Cooperation with the offices on the other side of the country (Sint Annaparochie and Hilversum) is going smoothly. Boere: “That is not a problem with modern communication methods. Despite the distance, we work effectively with the other sites and produce impressive projects together as per our credo of ‘One team, one mission’.”

The address for Faber Zuid:

Faber Audiovisuals
Argon 21a
4751 XC Oud Gastel


Head Office (Faber Noord)
Hemmemaweg 22
9076 PH Sint Annaparochie

Faber Audiovisuals Hilversum
Media Park Reportagecentrum
Leen Jongewaardweg 8
1217 ZM Hilversum[divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”40″]

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