Lowlands: teamwork until dawn

6 September 2017

Between 18 and 20 August, 55.000 visitors of the Lowlands festival watched their favorite acts on 360 m2 of large video screens supplied by Faber Audiovisuals. It was the seventh time the company delivered LED screens to the popular music festival in Biddinghuizen. ‘The setup is different every year’, says Senior Sales Manager Jeroen Boere. ‘We’re working 11 different areas at the same time. Lowlands is a massive project, containing numerous sub-projects. This combination of different elements makes it a special festival.’

From watchout specialist to operator

The size of the operation is reflected in Faber’s team of professionals. They include a projector specialist, LED specialist and Watchout specialist, a project manager and an image processor operator. The festival pauses five hours each day, meaning the early shift starts at around eleven o’clock and the late shift ends at six o’clock the next morning.

Solving problems before they appear

It takes Jeroen’s team seven days to set up the screens and disassemble them afterwards. To give an idea of the sheer scale of the operation: the team placed 360 m2 of LED screens at the Lowlands festival, plus another 74 m2 to be specifically used by the bands Chef’Special and Kovacs. Most placements were ordered by Mojo Concerts, some by Ampco flashlight and Kaiser Management. ‘Through our many years of experience, we know how to prepare for many situations. Solving problems before they pop up is key. We’ve been working with the same team for years now. For them, this is just another day at the office’, says Boere. He must admit, though, that they are pretty exhausted when the week is over.

New venues

Because bands and artist increasingly use video screens and custom lighting, the famous Alpha and Bravo festival tents were replaced by new models. The new tents are higher and can lift heavier objects. ‘Mojo Concerts took a bold step by placing these completely new venues on the festival grounds, but I have to say it worked perfectly’, says Boere.

We’ll be there again next year

Faber Audiovisuals will be at Lowlands again next year, which is a treat for the team. ‘We’re pleased to see so many happy faces. If they can find the time, the team members also get to actually watch the shows. We are looking forward. Until next year’[divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”50″]

Photo: Bart Heemskerk

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