Faber Audiovisuals starts construction on 5000 m2 extra storage space

27 June 2017

In April, the go-ahead was given for the construction of a new warehouse on Faber Audiovisuals’ grounds in Sint Annaparochie. Construction has since commenced. The new warehouse will boast no less than 5000 m2 of storage space and is expected to be put into operation in early September.

Earlier this year, Faber Audiovisuals entered into a partnership with CT Holland, based in Roosendaal. This partnership involved a considerable increase in the number of audiovisual materials. “With dire lack of space as a result. That is why we started construction on a new warehouse with some urgency,” says operational manager Tjitte Hylke Verbeek. Together with his team, he took care of developing the plan for the new warehouse down to the very last details. A large part of the new warehouse will be used as storage space.

The warehouse will cover a 1680 m2 area and will offer 5000m2 storage space once the first and second internal mezzanine floors are put in. This will solve the current space issue. “We are also taking this opportunity to make logistical improvements. Currently, we handle both incoming and outgoing materials out of the same warehouse, which sometimes causes confusion. The new warehouse will be outfitted as place for materials to be prepared for transport.

After events, the materials involved are then returned to the current warehouse. They will then be cleaned in the indoor washing station in the new warehouse, checked by our technical service, and stored until they are needed for a future job.” Having a fixed route for the materials to take through the new warehouse will ensure clarity and optimum overview.

Tight-knit team

The Faber Audiovisuals team is looked forward to being able to start using the new warehouse. “Now that all of the additional materials are present, but the required storage space is not yet finished, we have to work even harder,” Tjitte Hylke explains. “That can be frustrating at times, but it helps knowing that a solution is on its way. Moreover, we are very attuned to one another as a team, which is very useful in a challenging work environment such as our current one. And the fact that the solution is currently being constructed helps motivate us.”

Faber wants to start working from a single main warehouse to ensure that monitoring continues to be optimal, and as such, that maintenance and customer service also continue to be optimal. “The location does not really matter. We will be able to reach the Randstad metropolitan area just as quickly from Sint Annaparochie as from Roosendaal, and for trips abroad, one hour of travel more or less hardly makes a difference.”

The excavation work was started last month. The warehouse will most likely be completed in early August and then put into operation in September.

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