Dream come true for the Jostiband

9 September 2016

What a magical night: The orchestra celebrated its 50th anniversery in the presence of King Willem Alexander in a sold out Ziggo Dome.

The Jostiband is part of Ipse van Bruggen. The care institution advertises with the slogan ”you can do more than you think”, inspiring its clients to set goals and really go for it. And so it happened that clients were on stage and helped with the decor, clothing, technique and catering.

It was a special co-operation with this fantastic organisation! We had to adjust a little and do our work differently than what we are used to.
Commissioned by Lifetime Productions B.V., Faber Audiovisuals delivered all the LED screens.

Production: IDTV
Technical Production: Lifetime Productions
Setdesign: Live Legends
Lighting design: Jan Chris Duijvendak

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