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View our wide range of audiovisual products for any type of event.



For an online event with an offline experience. A select part of your audience is in the studio. An unlimited number of visitors are online.


event studios

The production space where online, virtual, and augmented reality all contribute to the success of your webinar, product launch, or keynote.



Creating a highly realistic environment for your television or movie production.


event platform

Unlimited possibilities with online events for the organization of your online conference, talk, summit, and many other applications.


Live. Online. Hybrid. Each event: up close and personal

Are you looking for a solution at the highest level for organizing your live, online, or hybrid event? Do you want impact for your corporate event, themed event, team day, trade show, webinar, product launch, talk, show, or presentation? And would you like to add the visual power and marketing tools of the online world too? Welcome to Faber Audiovisuals!
Back to the experiencing of the ‘old’ normal – with all the perks of the new? We’d love to make that happen for you. Within your deadline. Within your budget. And with the full experience for your visitors, professional relations, and customers.

That’s not just ‘tell’, we show it too. We consistently invest in innovation and technology. We develop our own software. We keep lines short and processes spot-on. And we believe in our people. Our experts set out to deliver bespoke solutions. To let you create the impact you’re looking for – and that your target group expects.

We’ve been leading for years with LED and with our solutions. With our years of experience, expertise, and service-minded attitude, we’re a trusted partner. Thanks to our national and international experience, knowledge, and service-oriented basis, we are a trusted partner. For event managers and for our relations in B2B, TV production, webinars, and organization of hybrid, online or live events. We have grown into a global player with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Dubai, and the United States. But we never feel too big to play a meaningful role for you.

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